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PAS Fights Back For Truth

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PAS has emerged from a ‘shy’ party in Pakatan Rakyat (PR) to a ‘lion’ when its secretary-general Datuk Mustapa Ali challenged DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng to a debate to prove who is lying and who speaks the truth.

And the sudden courage and outburst has again threaten to break apart the opposition pact which basis is only to overthrow the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) in a general election and nothing more than that.

Mustapa had challenged Lim when the latter had said the Islamist party agreed to the local council election when both spoke over the phone but Mustapa denied he agreed.

And to prove himself, Mustapa had called Lim to an open debate which made Lim quiet but other DAP leaders acting chairman Anthony Loke and Zairil Khir Johari had lambasted Mustapa.

Mustapa said he listened to what Lim had to say in the phone conversation on the local council election in Penang and did not agree nor disagree, just like what he spoke to Lim on the implementation of Hudud in Kelantan where Lim listened but no ‘yes’ to the matter.

Mustapa stood his ground and had sought a meeting with PR supremo Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to clear the air as well as to determine the next date for the opposition pact leadership council’s meeting, which had not been held the past six months.

The two parties – poles apart in their ideologies and objectives and representing a totally different communities – have been splitting hairs on practically every matter politically except to unseat BN from Putrajaya.

Although, the political differences have threatened to break the opposition pact apart as leaders of both parties issued threats to each other but until at present they are still together except that they do not meet eye-to-eye on every issues since after the last general election.

Mustapa challenge to Lim came as a surprise as PAS has always been all along ‘very humble and subsevient of sort’ but the sudden ‘anger’ or courage’ had shocked DAP.

Lim stepped back and let Anthony Loke and Zairil took the baton while Mustapa continues his pursuits to ‘correct’ the purported wrong done by Lim which is considered as calling the Islamist party leaders as liars.

The Islamist party had been the punching bag by DAP after the 2013 general election as it continues to have a mind of its own on many matters which angered the DAP.

The relationship is made worse with the Islamist party having two factions – liberals who are aligned to Anwar and the fundamentalists who are loyal to party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang – where the former (those aligned to Anwar) follow the PR’s plan which normally takes the que from DAP.

The latter group is much deeper in mind where they stick to the party’s ideology and objectives which are to set up an Islamic state and implement Hudud laws which are now the contentious issue between the two group as well as between the party and secular DAP.

Whether Mustapa’s meeting with Anwar would solve the tense and sour relationship between PAS and DAP is of no concern but the fact is Mustapa wanted Anwar to ‘tame’ DAP against PAS which many of the PAS leaders consider Lim as being ‘arrogant and high-handed.’

Whether Anwar can ‘tame’ DAP is also immaterial because some PAS leaders said the Islamist party is ready to go it alone given the party is already split from within and the recent flood in Kelantan ‘had shown who are friends and who are not.’

As such, PR’s position is expected to be ‘beyond repair’ and whether the three parties still stick to each other or not in the next general election, damage is already done and their credibility is no longer as solid as before.MYNEWSHUB.CC


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