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UK Man Spends RM900k To Look Like Ken Doll

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A 31-year-old man has undergone a total of 30 cosmetic procedures just to emulate his idea of the ‘perfect man’– the Ken doll.

Rodrigo Alves has spent GBP 171,000 (RM935949.81) to get his ‘plastic-fantastic’ look.

The flight attendant who lives in London, has spent the last 10 years pursuing physical perfection through plastic surgery.

PAY-Rodrigo-Alves (1)
Alves says he wouldn’t stop undergoing surgery to perfect his ‘Ken’ look.

The Mirror reported that Alves has had multiple nose jobs, liposuction done along his jaw line, his chin enlarged, and his cheeks enhanced.

To achieve the appearance of a sculpted body, he has also had silicone implanted in his pectorals, liposuction done at his abdomen and his calves reshaped.


Alves describes himself as a perfectionist who was unhappy with his looks as a child and says that plastic surgery is the way for him to fix his imperfections.

In a video interview with London Live, Alves said: “When I look at myself in the mirror, I just see flaws and I try to fix them.”

London Live reported that Alves is being treated for body dysmorphia disorder, a mental illness in which the patient obsesses over minor or imagined flaws in his appearance.


A botched procedure in February last year nearly cost him his life after the gel injected into his arms caused a bacterial infection which left him unable to move for two days.

However, he has continued with his regime of fillers and Botox injections and recently had stem cell hair treatment to cover a balding spot on his hairline.

Alves joins the ranks of another Ken wannabe, Justin Jedlica, who makes a living for himself appearing in events as the ‘human doll’.MYNEWSHUB.CC

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