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Indian Community Must Have ‘Nambike’ In BN Leadership

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LANGKAWI – The Indian community must have “nambike” (confidence/faith) in Barisan Nasional (BN) as the only party capable of ruling the country, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

He said the community, who had never been marginalised by the government, should have confidence in BN’s capability based on the concept of “naalai namathey, naalum namathey”, which means “tomorrow is ours, the future is ours”.

“The choice is yours. I don’t have to elaborate because the people in Langkawi know better. The Indians in Langkawi know very well that BN is the only party they can place their trust in.

“That is why we cannot count on the opposition. If we want to develop a district or a state or a country, we must have faith in the government, the one with proven track record and strength to bring changes,” he said at the “Teh Tarik Session” with the Indian community at the Langkawi MIC Hall in Taman Sungai Raya here today.

The prime minister also called on the people not to fall easily for the lies and baseless allegations made by the opposition that Malaysia would soon be bankrupt.

Najib said Malaysia would not be like Greece or any bankrupt countries that need to be rescued and this was proven when the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and even the World Economic Forum acknowledged and recognised the Malaysian government’s capability in managing the country’s economy.

“If we were bankrupt, do you really think that the World Bank, IMF and the World Economic Forum would praise us? We would definitely be deluged with their never-ending criticisms. But, there are no reports published by them which stated that we are a bankrupt state,” he said.

The BN chairman said the presence of an aging former prime minister claiming to be able to save the country from bankruptcy was also one without basis.

“The economic growth rate now stands at 5.9 per cent and we recorded export of RM83.5 billion last November. Our currency was also described as the best performing currency in the world within the last couple of months,” he said, adding that those facts definitely did not reflect the criteria of a bankrupt state.

The prime minister also said he would work with the state government to solve the issues and problems faced by the the Indian community in Langkawi, who made up 3.9 per cent of the island population. – BERNAMA

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