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Husband Recalls Incident When Wife Was Swept Off By Strong Current

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KUALA LUMPUR – A victim who escaped from being drowned in the incident when anglers were swept off by the current in a river near the Sungai Buloh Camp today recalled the anxious moment when his wife slipped from his grip and was carried off by strong current which appeared in a flash.

“I managed to hold on to my wife before her hand slipped from my grip and she was dragged off by the strong current.” Mohd Rizal Mat Desa, 31, told Bernama about the incident that struck Shilawati Zailan, 31.

Mohd Rizal, who was saddened and could not hold back his tears, said he was also swept off by the current but managed to grab a tree branch during the incident caused by heavy rain this evening.

“Later, I saw my wife’s hand waving in the water and I immediately jumped back into the river to save her, but it was in vain,” he said.

Mohd Rizal, who works as a lorry driver, said he also saw several other victims swept by the current while they waved their hands asking to be rescued.

“Apart from my wife, my uncle’s wife was also believed to have been swept off by the current,” he said.

He said that before the tragedy, he had advised his wife not to proceed with her plan to go fishing as he had a bad feeling about the plan.

Mohd Rizal said that during the hectic moment when his wife was being swept off, she had managed to utter something that now played around in his mind.

“I love you,” that was her final message to her husband. Mohd Rizal had married Shilawati 10 years ago and they were blessed with two children.

Meanwhile, the husband of another victim who disappeared, Jeleha Hashim, 53, said he could only see his wife struggling in the water as she was swept off by the current before she disappeared from view.

Syamsul Azhar, 32, said: “In the beginning, the three of us namely myself, my wife and a relative (of Shilawati’s) arrived at the spot to fish before Rizal arrived about 15 minutes later.

“We were fishing here in a group and when the rain came, we began to pack our things to go home,”said Syamsul.

He added that the flood waters came all of a sudden and he had only time to hold on to a bridge pole.

Syamsul, who resides at the PPR Section 8 in Kota Damansara, near here, said he had actually planned to go fishing today.

Working together with Mohd Rizal as a lorry attendant, Syamsul said there was also a group of foreigners who had come to fish as well. – BERNAMA


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