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Did Fazura And Taufik Batisah Got Engaged Over The Weekend?

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Is Fazura and Taufik Batisah actually got together during their stint as judges on Maharaja Lawak Mega (MLM)?

According to this woman, yes; and she also claimed that they’re getting engaged, in a WhatsApp text that had gone viral ever since it was leaked on social media.

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“Faz had safely engaged to Taufik Batisah hahahaha….Am sad I did not get to attend the ceremony earlier today…there was a family dinner last night, Taufik was there too…who wants me to do the favour of sending your regards to them????hahahaha”, read the text.

The woman by the name of Sabrina, stated that she had known the Gol & Gincu actress for a long time and that they were in fact, cousins.

In another text, her account on her relationship with Fazura was inconsistent, where she said the actress was actually a neighbour. Wait,what?


However, Fazura had come to clear off the air on the fake news. Taking a screenshot of the text before posting it on Twitter, Fazura captioned:

“This is a LIE. Me and @Taufik Batisah aren’t getting engaged. We are friends. I do NOT have a cousin named ‘Sabrina'”.

In another tweet, Fazura then posted another screenshot of the text, saying: “I do not know you, Miss Sabrina. You can stop pretending and spreading fitnah (accusations) now :)”.

This goes to show, that some people just have plenty of spare time to throw around; creating fake personalities and stories in a desperate attempt to seek attention and fooling everybody enough to write an article about it.

Fazura and Taufik were long-time friends, as Fazura did dated Singapore Idol alumni and Taufik’s buddy Hadi Mirza a while back.

The two did get close during their gig as judges in MLM and often posted selfies of them together on social media, sparking speculations that their friendship had blossomed into a romantic relationship. MYNEWSHUB.CC




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