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Big Floods Do Not Faze This Teacher

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TATAU – More than a week ago, this woman teacher was forced to face the worst flood situation since she was posted to Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Kuala Muput on the banks of Sungai Anap in Tatau District here.

Ina Rosyaida Yahya, 27, along with other members of the school, had to flee for their lives when the water level of Sungai Anap rose dramatically to inundate the school, the worst incident ever recorded in the history of the school which was built in 1963.

Speaking to Bernama, Ina Rosyaida said SK Kuala Muput was flooded often but the school sessions could still continue, students could still go to school and even teachers could continue teaching and learning sessions using boats as transportation.

“But what happened this time really disrupted the operation of the school completely, I myself suffered a loss when nearly 95 percent of the items and furniture in the house were damaged and had to be disposed off. In my nearly four years of service, this is the worst flood I have ever experienced, “she said.

She said that the school staff was transferred from the staff quarters to the highest building in the school at the beginning when the water level of Sungai Anap was rising quickly but they had to evacuate to two nearby longhouses when the situation worsened and the school ended up fully under water.

Ina Rosyaida said that despite facing the most anxiety-ridden situation since she first started teaching at the beginning of 2015, she remained strong in her determination to continue serving at the category 3 interior school with 112 pupils, 16 teachers and eight staff.

After spending a week at home in Umbai, Melaka to calm her thoughts, Ina Rosyaida, an English and Mathematics teacher, went back to the school and choked when she eye-balled the 100 percent destruction of the school comprising school buildings, dormitories and teachers’ quarters and other infrastructure.

“It’s a sad and choking feeling that I cannot visualise when I look at the current state of the school. This is where we educate students from 23 Iban community longhouses.

“I still feel strongly about teaching at SK Kuala Muput, this is my first place to build a career after graduating from the Institute of Teacher Education Malay Woman Campus, Melaka. This school needs to recover quickly so that students can return to their schooling. In addition, Year Six pupils who will be facing the Primary School Evaluation Test, are now lagging behind a lot,” she said, holding back tears.

To get to this school, one must travel over an hour or 60 km from Bintulu town before reaching the small town of Tatau and taking a one-hour journey by speedboat.

Teacher Ina Rosyaida obviously had a special place in the hearts of the pupils, she was assisted by two students of SK Kuala Muput and four former school students who turned up to clean up her accommodation at the 100 per cent damaged teachers’ quarters.

“This is one of the factors which made me love this school, the people here are very kind, they are also very close to and appreciate the teachers here. My current pupils Seselia Linjan Giman, 12, and Beckham Bugoy Abum, (10) and former pupils Christellia Wales Richard, 13, Tuah Ganak, 15, Ngali Wilson Sugi, 13 (he), and Sonita Chau, 13, came together to help me.

“I love this school, though many have asked why I did not ask for a transfer, why do I have to put myself in dire straits but that’s what happens if you are smitten by love, what people say we will accept, even though I am forced to encounter difficulties but currently this I where I serve, “said the daughter of retired teachers Yahya Hashim and Norhayati Sulaiman – BERNAMA


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