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Zuraida Sues Jamal Over Bloody Nose Incident

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KUALA LUMPUR: Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin filed a defamation suit against Red Shirts leader Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos after the latter claimed Zuraida’s men punched him which resulted in his nose bleeding.

In the statement of claim, Zuraida said Jamal had falsely issued a statement to the press which said: “YB Zuraida is very rude. Her people punched me. Zuraida’s men punched me. Zuraida’s men who hit me were rude. She’s rude. She started it first. I am not satisfied. I will chase them after this. I will slash them. I saw Zuraida hit me. I believe Zuraida asked her men to hit me.”

Zuraida said Jamal knew that the statements uttered by him would be widely distributed by the print and electronic media.

She said the statements would tarnish her character and reputation as a member of parliament and a public figure.

Jamal made the claim during the scuffle that took place between the Red Shirts members and police at the Ampang Point shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 13. He ended up bleeding from the nose and two Red Shirts members were arrested.

Zuraida, who is Wanita PKR chief, had said she would give Jamal 48 hours to apologise for accusing her of punching him.

On Tuesday, however, Jamal issued an insult-laced apology to Zuraida saying that he was forced to “menyelak kain” (uncover her) to “expose the scabs and mange that may be on her feet” so that it will not infect the residents of Ampang or the Selangor people.

Zuraida said Jamal’s choice of words showed that his apology was not sincere and she was taking legal action against him as he has no respect for the law.

“This whole time he has portrayed himself as a free man that he can be free with all his allegations and rowdy behaviour,” she said after filing the suit at the High Court here on Thursday.

“This country has laws, he has to abide by the law and his right place should be in jail,” she said.

Zuraida’s counsel, N. Surendran, said the allegations made against Zuraida was without basis as could be seen on videos.

He said they are seeking general damages and aggravated damages.

“We will also seek an injunction to prevent Jamal from uttering such phrases again and also for cost resulting from this suit,” he said.

“If you utter statements which are defamatory you have to face the court and we are very eager to meet Jamal in court where we have a lot of questions to ask him,” he said.

Zuraida also urged Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar to take action against Jamal after numerous police reports had been made.

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