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Zizan Razak Apologizes For Wearing Bulge-Enhancing Pants During Live TV Broadcast

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Zizan Razak found himself at the centre of an hilarious situation this week when a rather suspicious ‘bulge’ was clearly visible during the live taping of Akademi Fantasia.

The mysterious swollen object in question quickly turned viral and attracted a lot of negative attention from audiences and fans alike, claiming the 29-year-old comedian’s pants were too tight and far too small for him, causing an impressively large bulge in his pants.

With the internet abuzz at the sight of his apparently more than generously-sized package, which was unmistakeable in his slim-fitting ink-blue suit pants, it was only a matter of time before the TV host were aware to such onslaughts.

Look closer: The unmistaken lump that disturbed viewers in a good way.

Taking a lighthearted and somewhat apologetic approach of a response, Zizan said:

“It’s funny; but I had no control over it,unfortunately. Not sure how I’m going to address this. Those trousers were sponsored by a very talented designer and followed my exact proportions.”

“However, I had no idea the fit would be so snug in ‘that’ area. I apologize for the mental anguish caused by my tight pants. It was an honest mistake”, he said in an attempt to shift the focal point on the show rather than his rather impressive bump.MYNEWSHUB/Text: SARA KHALID



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