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Zayn Malik Drops New Video Of Single ‘Pillowtalk’– Featuring GF Gigi Hadid

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The music we’ve been waiting for since Zayn broke hearts and quit 1D last year, the music that caused beef with Louis Tomlinson, and then with Naughty Boy, the music that can partly be attributed to the break-up of one of the biggest boy bands of all time, is here. And it was all totally worth it.

Zayn has dropped Pillowtalk from his upcoming album Mind Of Mine, out in March. Pillowtalk is one of the 47 songs he’s written in the last year, only about 18 of which will make it onto the album – and he’s still working on it – but this is a ruddy good start.

Zayn’s voice is perfection in this slow beat love song, and he showing us his super hot chemistry with his real life gal Gigi. Zayn is rocking hot blond locks for the vid, where he sings about “Wanting to hold you close and wake up next to you.

Just hours before releasing “Pillow Talk” Zayn talked all about the track with Zane Lowe for Beats1 radio.

“It’s all my creative direction,” Zayn said about the music video, revealing his excitement for the release.

“That’s something that’s massively just… liberating, shall we say? It just feels great to be able to do whatever and take responsibility in myself and be like… yeah, I did that, so if you don’t like it, then it’s cool because I like it so I don’t give a sh*t.”

Zayn also announced that the title of his album will be Mind of Mine, and that it will have 17 or 18 songs on it.




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