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Zarina Anjouli: Original Or Edited Breasts?

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KUALA LUMPUR – Controversy which struck actress Zarina Anjoulie Lavocah who posed provocative for Indonesia FHM magazine was greatly criticized among fans of the local entertainment industry.

The controversy was heighten when the actress who was once named “vampire child” countered criticism against her and discussed matters of her breasts which became public criticism material.

All I hear from yesterday is breasts this breasts that. What sin did my breasts do to  people…Everyone has breasts want to disturb other people’s breasts,” Zarina babbled on her Twitter social site which later encouraged many more fans to discuss matters of her breasts.

Besides that, Zarina who was criticized by several local entertainment blogs as failing to standout in acting aside from expecting publicity through her sexy identity then proudly gave tips so breasts are firm like hers.

Girls go to La Senza buy push up bra maximum double layer, SETTLE THE BATTLE,” she said again.

However, seeing the extreme picture published in Indonesia FHM magazine certainly many would ask, is it true her breast size which became Zarina’s pride is natural or edited using superimposed technique by the Indonesian entertainment magazine.

Comparing Zarina’s breast size in her previous pictures, it can said that her breast size at that time was quite small and not firm as published in the magazine.

The issue arise whether it is true Zarina used a ‘push up bra maximum double layer’ bra from La Senza, had cosmetic injection on her breasts or pictures of her breasts were edited.

However, only Zarina is capable of addressing the issue from being attacked continuously with various naughty speculations which discuss her breasts. –









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