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Zaid Ibrahim’s Writings A Reflection Of His Shallow Mind— Rizal Mansor

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“His (Zaid Ibrahim’s) comment on how the wife of the future PM should be only goes on to describe his shallow mentality.” – Rizal Mansor

KualaLumpur – We Malaysians have our very own tradition and culture. Since young we have been brought up to be polite and be respectful of the elders.

“I am saddened that, the ex De-Facto Law Minister, Zaid Ibrahim has forgotten these. His comment on how the wife of the future PM should be only goes on to describe his shallow mentality,” slammed Rizal Mansor in his press statement today.

“His rants indirectly reflects that he is indeed a chauvinist and one who seeks cheap publicity by criticizing someone who always has a heart for the fellow Malaysians,” he added.

According to Rizal, as a failed and dejected politician, Zaid is filling up his free time by penning down imaginary tales.

“I wonder if this was done in a sober state of mind,” he continued.

“Hope he has not forgotten about the incident of one of our student who was arrested in Egypt after being accused of being a spy. Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, made a call to the president’s wife and within two hours the student was released. Of course, Zaid being a lawyer and an ex De Facto Law Minister will jump by saying that there are Foreign Ministry and all to take care of such matters but this was done solely due to a mother’s instincts. Being a PM’s and a mother, she acted on her motherly instincts. More so, this was done without publicity at all.,” stressed Rizal.

Rizal also stressed that being the PM’s wife, Datin Seri Rosmah during Ops Pyramid, when our students were stranded in Egypt during the Arab uprising, she used her good relations with the royal family to allow the students to return home without visas.

“In a normal situation, this is impossible but with the relationship she has with the royal family, we managed to bring the students home,” he said.

“Through her networking, the Saudi government prepared two Jumbo jets and brought our students to Riyadh, although they did not have a visa to enter Saudi Arabia,” he continued.

“Our PM’s wife has initiated the PERMATA programme. I am sure that Zaid have no idea about this as if he would have, he would not have come up with such horrendous statement. So much so, it has become a trend these days, to turn a blind eye to the positive side of things,” Rizal added further.

“PERMATA is a programme designed for children below the age of 4 to offer them early care and guidance. This system is to stimulate the children’s thinking capacity and inculcate experimentation, exploration and experiential at the a very early age. This is one of Datin Seri Rosmah’s initiatives. Being a mother, she understood well the need of early education and this will engineer a better breed of Malaysians to be relevant and competitve in the future,” Rizal stressed.

“How come this was shoved under the shelf, Zaid? Have you not read about this somewhere or you just don’t want to read good news? This is selective intelligence, in my opinion,” he continued.

Rizal went on to say that in the process of leveling personal vendettas, Zaid should not forget that he is talking about a woman who holds close to her heart the well being of the Malaysians.

“She is vocal and forges close ties with international VIPs; what is wrong with it? Zaid, time to come out of the cocoon that you are hiding in and accept the fact that your PM’s wife is a bold and intelligent Muslim woman,” he said.

“Are you generally suggesting that woman should just be passive and sit in the kitchen? Come on Zaid, this is 2015 and women are as equally capable as men,” he slammed.

“We call for wife of the PM who is a bold and intelligent woman, who can compliment and assist the husband in executing his duties, indirectly. We should be proud of Datin Seri Rosmah and applaud her for the person she is,” Rizal said.

“Dear Zaid, in the name of political bickering, stop criticizing a woman and do something worthy that the Malaysians will be proud of in the future,” he stressed.

Rizal Mansor is commenting on the article “The people’s PM” published on 18th May 2015 via Zaid’s blog.

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