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Zaid Ibrahim Files Suit To Inspect PM’s AmBank Accounts

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KUALA LUMPUR: Former Cabinet minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim initiated a civil action against a bank to inspect five accounts belonging to the prime minister and disclose sources of funds in relation to the SRC International Sdn Bhd and RM2.6bil donation issue.

Zaid named AmBank Islamic Bhd as the sole respondent in his lawsuit.

He said the information is relevant and material for his other representative action against the prime minister and three others.

Zaid’s lead counsel, Americk Sidhu, on Tuesday appeared before High Court judge Justice S.Nantha Balan for the hearing of the ex-parte (one party) application in chambers.

Americk told reporters that Najib’s lawyer, Rishwant Singh, had applied for the case to be transferred to another court and this was allowed by the judge.

He said the case is now slotted before a deputy registrar for case management on Nov 24, adding that Justice Noraini Abdul Rahman would be the new judge to hear the matter.
Rishwant said he asked for the transfer because this lawsuit arises from the representative action which is presently before Justice Noraini and the application was originally filed there for hearing before it was withdrawn.

In his court papers, Zaid wants the bank to allow him and his solicitors to inspect and take copies of the entries made in Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s five accounts with the bank.

He is seeking for the bank to give him copies of all documents disclosing the sources of incoming funds and the recipients of payments made out from the accounts for the period between the date of opening the accounts and Sept 30.

Alternatively, Zaid is asking the bank to provide him or his solicitors photocopies of all the statements of account of those bank accounts for the same period.

In his ex-parte originating summons filed on Oct 21, Zaid is also applying to the High Court for costs and directions as it deems just and expedient in the circumstances.

In his affidavit on Oct 18, Zaid sought leave from the court to refer to his representative action against the prime minister and three others for this case.

Zaid said Najib had operated five separate accounts with the bank, of which an account was closed on Aug 30, 2013.

He said details of the amount of monies paid into Najib’s accounts as well as the source of those funds and its movement are in the hands of bank, and that constitute the particulars that are required for his representative action.

He said his application for the court to allow for the inspection of those entries in the bank accounts and disclosure of sources was just.

In the representative action, Zaid named Najib, 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), the Government and Najib’s stepson Riza Shariz Abdul Aziz for return of monies.

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