Youth Detained For Dressing As ‘Pocong’ Ghost To Scare Children

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ALOR SETAR – In search of thrills, a group of youths decided to dress one up as a “hantu pocong” (shrouded ghost) to scare young kids returning from night religious classes.

They got their blankets out, wrapped one in them, and set out on two motorbikes to scare the kids and their friends still hanging out in Taman Pinang Jaya, Bukit Pinang, here.

But as it turned out, the four boys got the scare of their lives when they bumped into a policeman who, needless to say, got a shock to see a “hantu pocong” riding pillion on a motorbike.

Before the night was out, the group, ghost included, were detained by police about 10 pm on Friday, in Bukit Pinang town and were taken first to the Kepala Batas police station and then to the Kota Setar district police headquarters.

A 30-second video of the shrouded ghost riding pillion on a motorbike went viral on Facebook since last Saturday. It also showed the ‘ghost’, Mohd Imran Mohammad, 16, hopping around as he thought a pocong ghost should do.

According to Mohd Imran, he and his three friends just wanted to tease the children returning home from Quran reading classes as well as their friends who were still hanging out in Taman Pinang Jaya in Bukit Pinang.

He said his friends decided to wrap him in blankets and tie these at the top of his head before he rode pillion on his friend’s motorbike, while the other two friends rode on a second motorbike.

“Barely 15 minutes later, we bumped into a policeman on his motorbike who was shocked at seeing a ‘hantu pocong’ before he arrested us.

“I was the ‘ghost’ and was told to hop around like one while many people stopped to watch,” he told reporters when met at his uncle’s house in Kampung Padang Kunyit, Bukit Pinang, today.

“We were told by the police not to do this again as it could cause accidents and people could be shocked and suffer heart attacks,” he said, adding that he regretted his action and promised never to repeat it.

Meanwhile, Kota Setar district police chief, ACP Mohd Rozi Jidin said the investigation found it was a mischievous act by a group of teenagers and there was no criminal intent. – BERNAMA