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Young Talent Will Help KL’s Tremendous Growth, Says Noted Property Developer

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KUALA LUMPUR: Noted master-planned city developer Maha Sinnathamby foresees tremendous development of Kuala Lumpur driven by potential talent from the future generation.

The Malaysian born entrepreneur who is the founder and Chairman of Greater Springfield Land Corporation in Australia said with positive thinking and a solid education, the succeeding generation could transform the country.

“Geographically, KL is the centre of Asia..we have a long way to go and what will take us further in the next 15 years is our youth.

“Compared with other countries that are facing an ageing population, we have our youth, young energy and young children on our side who are going to transform Malaysia into a more developed country,” he told Bernama recently.

Greater Springfield near Brisbane has been declared the world’s best master planned community by the International Real Estate Federation.

Education, Sinnathamby, added, is the currency of the future, “where you can catch it anywhere in the world and it cannot be stolen from the owner”.

“You might have a lot of failures and gone through many ups and down, but what is in your head can always be a saviour if you are educated.

“However, education is not merely about learning the books; the real education comes in when you are able to adapt to a changing environment that you’d never thought would come,” he said.

Sinnathamby, ranked 40th richest man in Australia was recently conferred the BrandLaureate Premier Brand ICON Leadership Award 2015, in recognition of his contributions and achievements.

Growing up in a rubber estate near Seremban, Negeri Sembilan with little water and no electricity, he said he was determined to study hard and get an education by any means.

“Education is the ultimate tool for success. For that reason, I invested heavily in making sure that everyone in Greater Springfield can have access to a good education,” he said.

Sinnathamby cited Mahatma Gandhi as his greatest inspiration towards infinite self confidence.

“Gandhi did not have armies, wealth and family connections to back him up yet successfully changed the landscape of India’s history,” he said.


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