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The World’s Most Expensive Handbag: RM 1.4mil Hermès Birkin?

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Last week, fashionistas the world over celebrated World Handbag Day. Coincidentally, the Hermès Himalayan crocodile Birkin bag, priced at a staggering $432,000 (RM1,414,951.20) also dropped at around the samedate—thought to be the most expensive Birkin ever offered for sale.

RM1.4mil. for a luxury handbag?

What about this particular Birkin sets it apart from other valuable Hermès bags?We got the first dibs via’s interview with Hermes reseller authority Jane Finds for the low-down:

The material: The 30-centimetre diamond Himalayan Birkin is possibly the rarest and most desirable handbag in the world. This bag is made of Nilo crocodile, rendered in a subtle colouration that is meant to evoke images of the majestic Himalayan mountains.

The exterior:This dyeing process is painstaking and takes many hours to complete—the lighter the hue, the more difficult the process. The colour pairs perfectly with 18-carat white gold hardware, which is itself studded with white diamonds. The cadena lock alone is comprised of 68.4 grams of 18-carat white gold and encrusted with 40 white round brilliant diamonds, totalling 1.64 carats.

The structure: On the bag, three different structural elements of the Birkin—the Touret, the Pontets, and the Plaques de Sanglons—feature more than 200 diamonds for a total of 8.2 carats. This is arguably the rarest, most spectacular, and most jaw-dropping Birkin to ever be made, and it is likely the only time a bag of this calibre will be offered on the luxury resale market.

The price: The retail price of the bag was nearly $300,000 (RM982,605.00). The difference takes into account a resale premium, but largely reflects the fact that it’s exceedingly rare. This bag is no longer available with or without diamonds.

The target consumer: This bag was offered to a highly respected VIP client. Hermès only very rarely—and very thoughtfully—creates unique pieces of this calibre.This is without doubt a collector’s piece that belongs in a true collector’s home. It’s a timeless piece of art, will be in style forever, and is something a woman will cherish her entire life and then pass on to future generations.MYNEWSHUB


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