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The World’s Ugliest Dog Crowned And She’s A Cutie

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Beauty, as they say, is the eye of the beholder.

At the recent World’s Ugliest Dog Contest (yes, there is such a thing) at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California, 16 pooches participated for the “honour”.

As an animal lover, I personally think ALL the contestants were cuties.

But who emerged the winner?

A wrinkled, wispy-haired, bony Chinese crested Chihuahua named Sweepee Rambo.

The 17-year-old “ride or die chick” has escaped dog pounds to be with owner Jason Wurtz, who originally gifted Sweepee Rambo to his ex-wife.

“I’ve had girlfriends over the years and they were jealous of her. I told them, she was here when you came and she’ll be here when you leave, that’s the best friend I have,” he was quoted as saying in media interviews.

Second-placed Josie and third-placed Rue are also of the same breed, keeping it in the family.

Last year’s winner was Quasi Modo, who had short spine syndrome, a birth defect. To look at anything, Quasi had to move her entire body because she could not move her head.

Of the 16 contestants this year – some with names like Icky, Rue, Roast Beef and Rascal Deux – more than half featured bad hair.

Drawing the most attention was Himisaboo, a mutt with a Donald Trump-inspired hairdo.

While it may seem a bit mean to call the contestants “ugly,” the point of the competition is to celebrate dogs that are less likely to be adopted, for superficial reasons.

“We’re proud to celebrate all dogs and pets by showing that no matter their imperfections, they are adoptable, lovable and a great add to any family,” said Erin Post, CEO of the Sonoma-Marin Fair, in a statement.

For winning “worst in show”, Sweepee Rambo’s owner Wurtz took home a trophy and US$1,500 (RM6,105).

Here’s hoping next year’s contest will feature even more howlers. Woof, woof!


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