World Quran Hour Unites Global Muslims

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KUALA LUMPUR – Set aside whatever you are doing, forget the handheld gadgets and
just spare some time to immerse yourself in the guiding light of the Al-Quran.

All it takes is an hour this Sunday starting at 9.00 am where the holy
verses from the holy Al-Quran will reverberate across the world. The
World#QuranHour or #DuniaNgaji in Malay will unite the Muslims across the globe.

The inaugural World#QuranHour is held in the spirit of uniting the Muslims
who gather at the Plain of Arafah on the 9th day of Zulhijjah.

The World#QuranHour would help reduce the divide among Muslims and enhance
their resilience in doing good deeds based on the Al-Quran, said Marhaini
Yusoff, the Chief Executive Officer of the Yayasan Warisan Ummah Ikhlas (WUI),
to Bernama. WUI is the programme organiser.

“In conjunction with the Wuquf, among the obligatory acts of Haj, the
World#QuranHour has its own significance. It is a day for the ummah to reflect
on the Al-Quran and see whether they really understand its content or that they
just keep a copy at home for the sake of having one,” she said.

Though the Al-Quran guides the ummah towards the path of righteousness and
serves as a guide in addressing many of the societal woes, for many the Al-Quran
is not in their heart.

“All this while we have been overwhelmed by the worldly affairs…slander
the others through the social media, so it is time to ponder on our relationship
with the Al-Quran.”

The continuous efforts to strengthen the ummah through the mighty Al-Quran
was started by WUI in 2016 through its campaigns – #KeluargaNgaji in January and
February, #SekolahNgaji (March), #OrganisasiNgaji (April), #KomunitiNgaji (May),
#MalaysiaNgaji (29 Jun) and the climax is the World#QuranHour.

The World#QuranHour programme received the cooperation of many nations
including from Hong Kong, Korea and Russia where the Muslims are a minority.

Eight million Muslims in seven locations in India too have agreed to
participate in the World#QuranHour along with the countries of the Organisation
of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), the co-organiser of the
QuranHour, with undergraduates from 117 countries and 31 IIUM Alumni Chapters,
helped extend the world#QuranHour’s outreach, said Marhaini.

“We are also working with Tahfiz Sulaimaniyah from Turkey that has branches
in 165 countries and 10,000 education centres and are also working with Muslim
ngos worlwide,” she said adding that the Malaysian pilgrims at the Arafah Plain
will also spare an hour for the programme.

IIUM is the ‘hot spot’ for the one hour programme where the main programme
is held. The 14 states in the country will also be holding the same event by
Quran recital schools or Rumah Ngaji under WUI, government agencies, religious
councils, corporations, mosques or surau.

“The premier programme in IIUM is not just reciting the Al-Quran, it starts
with the chanting (zikir) followed by reflecting (tadabbur) on the recital to
understand the Al-Quran better. A total of 604 people will be reciting the Al
Quran, each reciting a page.

“God willing they will be able to finish each verse in the Al-Quran within
five minutes,” she added.


According to Marhaini, the combination of the Cordobana reciting technique
from Bandung, Indonesia and the Al Badar techniques could help one master the
Quran recital in three days.

Based on Marhaini’s experience only three out of 10 could recite the
Al-Quran. “This is something to be worried about,” she pointed out.

So far there is about 1,200 Rumah Ngaji all over Malaysia and not less than
5,000 Al-Quran teachers have been trained through the Rumah Ngaji to help ensure
more people master the Al-Quran and practice what is said in the Al-Quran.

The foundation only acts as an intermediary to provide training for the
teachers and the ones running the Rumah Ngaji are the respective communities.

Some conduct the Rumah Ngaji at homes, schools, hospitals, prisons, Orang
Asli villages, within organisations, in a nutshell wherever and whenever

“It is very easy to open a Rumah Ngaji. All that one needs to do is register
at and we will provide them the advice and train the
teacher,” she said.

Not only in Malaysia, 10 of the Rumah Ngaji have been opened in south
Thailand and one in London.


The programmes to bring closer the ummah with the Al-Quran is not limited to
Rumah Ngaji only. Numerous programmes have be lined up to ensure he Al-Quran is
in the hearts of the ummah.

While the women outnumber men in these programmes, WUI is planning the
#KeluargaNgaji and to establish the ‘Majlis Ayah’ (Council of Fathers).

“In strengthening the families, the head of the family has to take the lead
and the mother has to play a complementary role in leading the whole family to
heaven,” he said adding that this is a long term transformation envisioned
through the Al-Quran.

After the World#QuranHour, the WorldWomen #QuranHour will be held on Sept 25
at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC).

“It is hoped that through the interaction with the Al-Quran in our daily
lives, there will emerge a better community in the future,” she said.