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Woman Who Raised Doubts On Halal Status Apologises – McDonald’s

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KUALA LUMPUR: A woman who raised doubts on the halal status of a McDonald’s Malaysia product on social networking site has acknowledged her grave error and apologised over her misconduct in spreading the allegation.

According to a McDonald’s Malaysia statement today, the fastfood chain restaurant advised her to learn from her mistakes and verify any information she received before spreading it.

It said McDonald’s had also taken the initiative to personally call the individual.

The statement also displayed a letter of apology sent by the woman. However, her identity and personal details were not disclosed.

The company said last month, it had issued a statement to dispel allegations circulated on the social media over the cause of discontinuation of the ‘Quarter Pounder with Cheese’ burger.

“We found that the allegations resurfaced, and we would like to dismiss the untrue allegations which questioned our halal status,” it said, adding that the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia had also issued a statement on
the halal status of McDonald’s Malaysia products. — BERNAMA


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