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Video Of A Man Ejaculating Inside Water Bottle Goes Viral

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A man was caught masturbating via a surveillance camera at a hotel lobby in Puchong and later ejaculated into the receptionist’s bottle of water – which she later DRANK.

In the 4-minute,59-second video, the unidentified male was seen anxiously walking back and forth from the lobby’s seating area and the reception counter, while obviously relieving himself as his hand was placed in his pants.

Perhaps not knowing where to contain his semen, the man then reached out for any receptacle that could hold his bodily fluids— so he grabbed the unattended water bottle and ejaculated inside it, before fleeing the scene.

Meanwhile, the poor receptionist, perhaps dehydrated from her tiring day of working, proceeded to relieve her thirst by taking a sip from her water bottle, but was disgusted when she discovered that it tasted horrendous.

The infuriated receptionist then quickly dashed to the security offices to see what had happened prior to the “sperm- infused water” incident.

It was said that the CCTV recording was captured on 22nd Apr., but has reached viral status when it was uploaded by a Facebook user called Kuan Chee Heng, last night.

The name of the hotel, however, was not revealed.




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