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Woman Beaten Up After Proposal Rejected

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SOME men just can’t handle rejection as a woman was brutally beaten up in Jalan Ampang right after rejecting a man’s proposal.

Frustrated and angered by her rejection, the 27-years-old victim was then kicked, punched and slapped continuously on the public street in Kuala Lumpur. Fortunately, the victim was saved by an individual who happened to be in the area, reports Harian Metro.

According to reports, the individual tried to help the victim who was attacked on Jalan Ampang but his actions had caused the rejected man to get even angrier. He even tried to snatch the individual’s phone away as he tried to record the incident.

“The individual, who accompanied the victim, had lodged a report at the nearest police station before the case was referred to the Dang Wangi District Police Headquarters (IPD) for further investigation.

“The victim who was lightly injured had been taken to a nearby clinic before the individual sent her home,” said the source.

Meanwhile, Dang Wangi District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Sukri Kaman confirmed the report on the incident.

“Our records found the suspect had no criminal records but further investigation is made under Section 323 of the Penal Code for causing injuries,” he said.

Those rejections may heavily cloud above our lives and block the light, but notice that the darker they get, the more visible the silver linings become.

If you are reading this and had just been rejected, be it for love or a job offer, please know that it is actually an important stimulant as it allows us to meet turning points that lead to better opportunities. -mD


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