Woman Attacked By ‘Orang Minyak’

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A woman claimed she was nearly raped by an “orang minyak” at a petrol station toilet, Harian Metro reported.

Ili Shariah Mohd Diah, 30, told police she put up a struggle with a person dressed only in red underwear at the toilet in Bandar Batu Rawang on Monday night.

“I was in one of the stalls when I heard the door to the main toilet entrance open and then close. I had a bad feeling and decided to leave when I saw the man clad in his underwear,” she said when interviewed on Tuesday.

She said the man tried to push her back into the cubicle but she fought back and ran out of the toilet shouting for help.

The suspect, meanwhile, ran off towards the back of the station.

Gombak police chief Assistant Commissioner Ali Ahmad confirmed the incident.

The term “orang minyak” literally means oily man in Malay. According to folklore, orang minyak learnt black magic so that he can enter houses to attack young, unmarried women, usually at night while they are sleeping.