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Wife Of Kidnapped Victim In Kunak Cries For Help

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KOTA KINABALU – Anger and frustration showed on Chin Pek Nyuen’s face as the clock ticks before Filipino kidnappers decide the fate of her husband.

The kidnappers set November as deadline for RM3 million ransom money to secure the release of fish breeder Chan Sai Chiun, 32.

Chan, from Perak, was abducted from a fish farm in Kunak four months ago.

His wife, who lost 20kg and now weighs 40kg, was unsure of her husband’s wellbeing but the kidnappers had told her that “he is not well and dying.”

“I don’t know if this is true. The kidnappers have been calling me everyday but they have not let me speak to him since July.

“They call me to ask whether the (ransom) money is ready and that I should send it to them as soon as possible. They even set November as my deadline.

“The caller, who speaks in Malay language, warned me to get the money ready or else they will kill my husband,” she told reporters when met here.

Chin, who paused for awhile, said she rather go to the southern Philippines and die alongside with her husband if efforts to secure Chan’s release failed.

Her last contact with the kidnappers was last night, where they spoke about an hour from 9pm.

She had also begged the caller not to harm her husband and to give her another two weeks’ time.

“I don’t know what else to do. I am doing this all alone and asking for help from relatives, friends and even strangers to communicating and negotiating with the kidnappers.

“No one come to visit and ask me how I am doing, except from the media and few Special Branch policemen. Nobody come to really assist me, not even from the Sabah police commissioner or government representatives.”

Chin said communication with her husband in June and July was done in Malay language as they were not allowed to speak other languages. – NST


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