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What Workouts Could Do To Your Skin

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If we’re all honest, there about a million things we can all think of doing rather than putting ourselves through a strenuous workout. We don’t know about you, but we’d much rather be relaxing with our feet up, enjoying hours of reality TV over a big bowl of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

While we totally agree with the aversion to all that huffing and puffing, you have to admit that you definitely feel better when you’re hitting the gym on the regular. You seem to have increased energy and your body starts to tone and change. Still reaching for that pint of Chunky Monkey? What if we told you working out also has serious beauty benefits?

Check out how hitting the gym can have you looking more radiant and lovelier than ever!

Skin Detox

When you work up a good sweat, your skin and body is being purged of all those gross toxins that can clog pores and cause acne. A good cardio workout will boost your blood flow and allows sweat glands to increase their function and cleanse the body. However, be sure to clean up and shower after every workout, as you don’t want those toxins settling on your skin! Keep cleansing wipes in your gym bag to purify your skin pre- and post-workout.

Oxygen Boost

As stated before, exercise increases your blood flow, which in turn increases oxygen delivery to the skin cells. More oxygen means more skin-saving nutrients that can keep your complexion healthy and hydrated. Couple this effect with an anti-ageing serum before bedtime and you’ve got your very own fountain of youth.


Stress is a major culprit in skin issues like acne and psoriasis. Exercise is an ideal stress-reducer and can be instrumental in helping keep these flare-ups at bay.

Instant Glow

Have you ever looked in the mirror after a workout? Did you notice how bright and beautiful your skin looked? This post-workout glow is courtesy of all the natural oils produced during your exercise. These oils promote a more supple and hydrated complexion and serve as a natural moisturizer for your skin! Complement that glow with a little tinted lip balm and you will be turning heads all day.

Wrinkle Reduction

Regular workouts can help regulate our cortisol levels. If too high cortisol can result in a breakdown of collagen production, causing skin to lose elasticity and increase wrinkle and sagging. By keeping cortisol levels in check, you are also keeping those pesky lines and wrinkles away!-MYNEWSHUB.CC


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