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What Is Mia Khalifa’s Religion, Race, Ethnicity And Real Name?

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YOU will never believe who has suddenly become the most searched for woman on the internet. Her name is Mia Khalifa and if you don’t know about her now, you soon will. Her sizzling looks have men and women drooling, while her backstory has caused outrage around the globe.

As you could probably tell from the pictures below, Mia Khalifa removes her clothes and gets in front of a camera for a living. Her real name is Mia Callista and her nationality is Lebanese because the 21-year-old was born in Beirut, Lebanon. The controversy begins with the fact that she was born into a family whose religion was Muslim.

In her most popular video to date, she plays up her Islamic past by wearing a hijab. Many people were offended and think she was purposely putting the religion in a bad light. The fact that she now considers herself Christian further fans those flames.

While she’s trying to move past the controversial footage, many people on Twitter are slamming her for using her Middle Eastern ethnicity and her connection to Islam to make money. Personally, I don’t think her race or anything else should be used against her. She’s an American now who lives in Florida and thus she can use all her assets to bring in that cash. – Thending News


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