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What Every Self-Concious Woman Should Do Right After A Shower

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There are some routines in our lives that have become so, well, routine that we go through them as if on autopilot: brushing our teeth, washing our face, shaving, etc. Our post-showering rituals would probably fall into this category, as most of us consider getting dry and clothed as the basic priorities after showertime.

While we understand this thought process, we feel it is our duty to inform of you of how crucial your post-shower routine is in maintaining the health of your hair and skin. Take a look at the following non-negotiables you should be implementing into your post-shower ritual.

1. Moisturizing
Hot water and steam can do a number on your skin, leaving it super dry after showering. Do your due diligence in keeping it supple and hydrated by moisturizing from head to toe. This is a great time to put that new body butter to good use!

2. Patting (Not Rubbing) Your Skin Dry
We totally understand the need to dry off fast and hop into some warm, clean clothes, but that rough towel-drying you’re engaging in isn’t doing much for your skin. Rough rubbing can exacerbate dry, sensitive skin even more. Instead, try a more gentle approach, patting your body with your towel. We promise it won’t take up more time, and your skin will thank you!

3. Throw on Your Serums
After a steamy shower, the pores in your body are open, allowing for better absorption of skincare products and solutions. This is the perfect time to give your mug love by throwing on your skin-saving serums and oils.

4. Apply Leave-In Conditioner or Detangler
Are you haphazardly throwing your unbrushed, wet hair into a tangled bun after you hop out of the tub? This could be contributing to those split ends and breakage you’ve been spotting. Take a few minutes and spritz your post-shower hair with a nourishing leave-in conditioner or detangler and comb through it (don’t brush!) with a wide-toothed comb. This step is especially important for those with dry, frizzy locks.MYNEWSHUB



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