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What Else Do Tony And Airasia Want?

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AirAsia has recently missed the deadline to move to Terminal 1 KKIA, yet again. This is not the first time as they had earlier promised to move in on January and gave a boatload of excuses to not shift at that time. Their second deadline, slated on 1st August, is now 16 days overdue and now, they’re giving implausible excuses, such as:

1. Concerns on the same scenarios at klia2 might rear its head at KKIA T2
2. Airport tax will increase and burden passengers
3. The shift will jeopardize Sabah tourism
4. People will lose jobs
5. It couldn’t accommodate AirAsia’s growth
6. It would lead to inefficient operations

So how is moving to a bigger, better and more comfortable terminal built to accommodate AirAsia’s growth in the future will eventually be the ‘death’ to the low-cost carrier?

It has been explained that there are lands surrounding KKIA including the cargo area for expansion purposes; that KKIA Terminal 1 has a bigger capacity, while KKIA Terminal 2 is currently surpassing the maximum capacity; catering to its 3 million annual passengers when the terminal only holds a paramount of two.

KKIA Terminal 2 is cramped, hot and uncomfortable for travellers. Why does AirAsia insists on continuing at this terminal when they have agreed subsequently to the moving notice? The tight space that is bound to make the passengers feel more like in a barnyard than an actual international-grade airport terminal?

However, every complaint about how uncomfortable it is for passengers at Terminal 2 has been ignored by AirAsia. And yet they have the nerve to say that they are more concerned on hos the airport tax increase will burden passengers!

The real question is: will it burden passengers or will it actually cause a dent in Tony’s already-fat pockets?

Show me one real person (who is not an AA staff or machai) who has travelled using an airplane and actually chooses their destination based on the airport tax charges of the country they are travelling to. Nobody cares what the airport tax is when the amount is 800 – 1000% cheaper than the airfares on AirAsia!

What is RM65 when the fares could total up to 500 bucks and above? This is not including the extra hidden charges applicable to every so-called “low fare” or promotions held by Airasia.

Does AirAsia seriously think that everyone has the time and has plans fixed one year in advance to purchase flight tickets early? Does AirAsia seriously think that everybody is entitled to the RM1 offer seats or some ridiculous magic promo that you only hear about but could never get your hands on? Sometimes at the end of a booking, after all the extra charges, tickets on this self-proclaimed no-frills airline actually costs more than a full service one!

Another ridiculous point laid out by the carrier was that the move will affect Sabah tourism and ultimately cause people to lose jobs. Is Tony Fernandes implying that AirAsia will cut jobs and using this reason and excuse not to move? How does working in a bigger airport with possibilities for an expansion cause people to lose jobs? You should be hiring more people!

And what an insult to Sabah and its people when Tony thinks that moving to T2 will affect the state’s tourism. Sabah is a beautiful state with equally-beautiful people and it has been there long before Tony ever dreamt of running a low cost airline. It will always be there be it if AirAsia packs up and shuts down. Don’t insult Sabahans by saying that without you there will be fewer tourists in the state. Don’t insult the Sabah Tourism Minister and other Sabahans who have worked so hard to promote their state, especially after they have been hit by the earthquake.

The only thing that will destroy Sabah tourism is Tony Fernandes’ mouth, and his continuous tirades against the country and his insistence on treating passengers like dirt. Sure, it’s low cost, you get what you pay for, but nobody asked to be treated like trash and have their complaints about KKIA T2 ignored. Have some respect for your paying customers Tony and stop being a diva and move to KKIA 1!



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