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Weekly videogame Releases: Final Fantasy XV, Steep, The Dwarves, Super Mario Maker 3DS

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Open-world epic Final Fantasy XV, extreme sports challenge Steep, Tolkienesque tactical action title The Dwarves, and Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS feature among new releases for the week of Nov 29, 2016.

1. Final Fantasy XV
Nov 29

A sprawling, lavishly-produced entry to the long-running Final Fantasy series, this one’s been in the works since 2006 and now has its protagonist and his friends styled after a boy band – not necessarily a bad look – as the player attempts to rescue his kingdom from a huge and all-consuming empire. Each crew member has a different specialist skill (such as cooking, photography, or straight up survival), there’s an open world to roam through, and in another franchise first, a Season Pass for extra content.

2. Watch Dogs 2
Nov 29

Released on PC two weeks after the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions (if all goes to plan), Watch Dogs 2 features a new, more dynamic main character, a new city in San Francisco, and the sort of emphasis on social connections and activist hacking that is reminiscent of hit TV show Mr Robot.

3. The Dwarves
PS4, XBO, WinPC, Mac, Linux
Dec 1

German studio King Art Games seems to specialise in gorgeously rendered projects with plenty of quality in voiceover and soundtrack, from The Book of Unwritten Tales and The Critter Chronicles to upcoming work-in-progress Iron Harvest. The Dwarves appears no different in that respect, but switches genres as an action-oriented role-playing game, with Markus Heitz’s Dwarves novels as its basis.

4. Super Mario Maker
From Dec 1
Nintendo 3DS

Create, play, and share levels using elements from four eras of the Super Mario franchise. First released for the Wii U in 2015 and received as one of the platform’s best, the 3DS game has 100 coins from Nintendo, adds shared course creation, but swaps out online level searches – a big feature of the original – in favour of Streetpass sharing.

Dec 2

Extreme sports on snowy mountainsides, with Ubisoft’s Annecy studio in France looking to its Alpine surrounds for inspiration. Skiing, snowboarding, paragliders and wingsuits abound, with a focus on exploration, risk-taking, and multiplayer challenges.— AFP Relaxnews


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