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Scientists Prove Hydatid Worms In Dog Poo Causes Serious Illnesses

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STILL in debate mode on last Sunday’s ‘I Want To Touch A Dog’ event held to diminish fears and contempt on our four-legged friends, a Youtube video proved the relevance on why the Islamic religion deemed dogs as ‘unhygienic’ and impure to be kept as a domestic animal.

In a short documentary produced by The National Geographic, the presenter gave a thorough scientific explanation on how humans could be infected by the worms living in dogs’ system only by physical contact such as patting or caressing.

The video, recorded in Australia,showed a sheep’s lungs obtained from a local abattoir, which clearly displayed worm infestation on its lungs which left the sheep’s respiratory organs to be impacted and swollen.

“An infected dog had a poop in some grass, and this poor sheep has eaten that grass and become infected,” the presenter states.

“Adult hydatid tapeworms had lived inside a dog’s gut, where they produce hundreds of eggs everyday. But these eggs can’t mature inside a dog.

“The eggs must move into a herbivore to continue their life cycle. 

“Sheep ingest the eggs when they eat grass near or anywhere the dog has defecated,becoming the next host.”

Symptoms can occur a long time after infection, sometimes months or years later. Sometimes there are no symptoms at all. If they occur, symptoms may include stomach upset, diarrhoea, unexplained weight loss,blood or the fluid from a ruptured cyst and jaundice due to pressure from an enlarging cyst.

Hydatid disease can be fatal without medical treatment. A heavily infested organ may fail or a cyst may rupture and cause a life-threatening allergic reaction.

Dogs sniff each other’s anuses as they pleased and licked their bodies. In turn, we let them salivate on our faces. This is when humans have the potential to get infected.

While a vaccine is available for sheep, there is none developed for humans.

In Australia alone, 50 people are diagnosed with hydatid worms infestation each day.

That being said, the message is clear: never,ever go near a dog,even if it is meant to feed your curiosity.MYNEWSHUB


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