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Watch: Colleagues Pull Prank On Weather Girl For Wearing Green To Work

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Ericka Pino almost lost her cool when a bunch of funny co-workers decided to pull a little prank at her when she turned up on her weather forecast slot wearing a green dress– which is identical to the green screen behind her.

During filming, Pino unwittingly handled her slot while part of her body blended in with the image projected on the green screen, giving an odd visual of her arms and head floating in front of a picture of a seaside.

What started as a technical faux pas, took a hilarious turn when her colleagues placed a dancing fat man in nothing but swimming trunks behind her, positioning him seamlessly so that her head appeared on his shoulders.

The ‘hybrid’ Pino then shakes his moneymaker without a care in the world, which at this point if you’re drinking coffee as you read this, do inch away from your computer screens to avoid spewing your drink all over.You have been warned.

After a few moments, Pino suspected something wasn’t quite right – switching to English and angrily asking ‘What is going on?’ before the picture cuts out.

The clip didn’t make it to national TV, but it did went viral on Reddit today despite being filmed quite a while ago.MYNEWSHUB/Text: Sara Khalid


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