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Wak Doyok Unveils Own Line Of Beard Cream

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If his name doesn’t ring a bell to you, then you must have been living under a rock.

The man that needs no introduction, Wak Doyok has been keeping it classy since he first broke out as an Internet sensation.

His immaculate blazer, pants starched and pressed, finishing off his look with a pair of brogues, you would have given him three to four glances (minimum) if you happen to pass by him on the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

But what catapulted him to become the style icon that he is now was his well-groomed beard. Trimmed and styled to perfection, Wak Doyok’s (real name Muhammad Azwan Mohd. Nor) facial hair was the envy of countless males across the country.

Just how did the 33-year-old keep his beard on point each day?


Because of Malaysia’s humid weather, the area of concern is the underlying skin.. Like scalp is to hair, a healthy beard needs healthy skin to thrive.

Accumulated sweat not only clogs pores and encourage itchy rashes, it will cause beard hair to lose lustre.So, this means daily shampoos, no compromises.To maintain bounce and shine, he uses Dream Beard oil, an American product. This is rubbed on every day and he feels it has improved volume and softness.To get his pointy moustache ends, wax gives the desired effect.

However, Wak Doyok has just announced on his Instagram that he will be launching his own brand of beard cream any day now.

Claiming the cream was a concoction of “special Javanese secret ingredients”, guaranteed to make your whiskers grow faster.


Best part is, the product’s use isn’t only limited to men– because of its active ingredients, the cream can also be used by women who wanted fuller hair and eyebrows.

So far, no word yet as to when ‘Krim Jambang Wak Doyok’ is due for release.MYNEWSHUB


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