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Wak Doyok Dodges Gay Rumours, But A Twitter User Says Otherwise

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Though in recent years it’s become easier to come out and being called gay is in many ways less traumatic both personally and professionally for individuals, even the faintest whiff of queerness can still mean disaster for celebrities’ careers.

That was exactly what happened to Wak Doyok, who was caught in a difficult situation when an unknown Twitter user ‘outed’ him on the micro social media site, as a response to Wak Doyok’s denial on his alleged homosexuality.



The user,@zhdshahjefer claimed that Wak Doyok’s dismissal was pure fabrication and that he could list down the names of the style connoisseur’s former boyfriends and lovers. To that @zhdshahjefer also proclaimed that he had performed a sexual act with Wak Doyok.

While the subject of homosexuality is taboo in the Malaysian culture, Wak Doyok took it all in stride and dodged the burning question with his usual tongue-in-cheek style.

“I am a religious kind of guy, I don’t do same-sex stuff,” he said to entertainment portal RotiKaya.

“In truth, I don’t pay too much mind on the gay rumours. Haters can keep on talking, there is nothing I could do.”

Maybe it’s the on-point fashion choices, or maybe the dapper beard, but Wak Doyok is well-known for leaving suggestive comments on sexy photos of female celebrities, one being Kilafairy’s infamous booty tooch post on Instagram which he described as “Merecik” or ‘bursting’. So he can’t be gay, can he?-MYNEWSHUB.CC





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