Vince Chong Breaks Silence On The Sexist Joke Controversy

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Be careful when you try to crack a sexist joke from now onwards, what with all these scheming feminists ready to pounce as soon as you did the damage.

The first Akademi Fantasia winner assured to The Star that his intention was never to offend or belittle women when he posted a comic on International Women’s Day on Sunday.

“It was probably not the right timing to post a joke like that, it didn’t occur to me at that time. But I had no intention at all at offending or belittling women,” Chong said.

The post received mixed reactions from netizens.

Chong explained that the comic – a cartoon that displayed a woman sitting beside the driver of a car while being gagged with her seat-belt, with the words “New seatbelt design: 45% less car accidents!” – was sent to him by his aunt.

He had uploaded it on Instagram with the caption: “Not sure where my aunt found this T-shirt but……LOL…. Happy women’s day… Hahah #lol #9gag.”


“I thought it was funny, so I shared it on social media,” he told the online newspaper, adding that he didn’t expect the post to “blow up” online.

“I respect my aunt, my mum and my sisters so much because they can laugh at it.

“I personally think that it is healthy to joke about things. It is not good to take everything too seriously. Laughter is the best medicine,” he added.

Chong said that he has always respected women.

“I have so many strong women in my life. I have two sisters, my wife, and my mum who are very strong women. I even have a daughter on the way,” he said.

The singer said he will continue to stand up for women’s rights.

“I was part of a great movement (Ikal Mayang), and they involved men as well to share the point-of-view of men and how we respect women,” he said.

“I’ve been to women’s shelters and I’ve seen women who have been through terrible things. That has to stop.”

On what he has to say about the people who accused him about being sexist, Chong said that he feels “no hatred” towards them.

“I understand where they are coming from and I respect them,” said Chong.-The Star