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Vietnamese Girl Cries As She Finds Her Lost Dog– Dead & Cooked

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Normally, you would be rejoiced at finding your beloved missing dog again — but not for this Vietnamese girl.

According to Opposing Views, the poor girl found that her missing pet had been cooked and served by a street vendor in Vietnam.

The heartbreaking photo has gone viral on the Internet.

The girl had been living in the northern Vietnamese countryside when she adopted a dog she named Flower. For three years, she raised and cared for the animal until one day Flower went missing.

The 5-year-old girl searched for her beloved dog but could not find Flower anywhere.

A few days later, she walked by a dog meat stall and discovered the sickening truth.

“That’s Flower,” she cried as she rushed over to her dog, roasted and served at the stall.

As she cried over the dog’s cooked body, somebody snapped a photo of the heartbroken girl.


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