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Video Surfaces Of Penang Brawl Which Left British Tourist Seriously Injured

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KUALA LUMPUR- Video has emerged on social media purporting to depict the moments leading up to a brawl in George Town, Penang on Saturday which left a 39-year-old British tourist seriously injured.

The mobile phone footage, which was uploaded to Twitter and has since garnered 152,000 views, opens with a verbal scuffle already in progress between a group of local men and an indeterminate number of European men.

One of the local men is clearly spoiling for a fight, and has to be held back by his friends, as the others trade barbs and point accusatory fingers.

Suddenly, the man being held back breaks free, barrels forward and lands a punch on one of the European men.

All hell then breaks loose as the situation descends into a free-for-all, with fists flying, bodies colliding into each other and warring clusters form.

A sudden lull sees the two camps regrouping into phalanxes and staring each other down, each issuing war cries and taunts.

The video ends just as the scuffle is about to be upgraded into an all-out dogfight.

According to Penang police, a 38-year-old man was detained and remanded, while a hunt is on for several others involved in the Jalan Penang fracas.- New Straits Times


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