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Mysterious ‘Transparent’ Man Stands In The Middle Of The Road

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Growing up as a Southeast Asian, we’ve probably all have heard stories of ghostly encounters or even experienced one before and most of the time, chances are the ghosts in description would be almost identical: ‘hazy’ image, long hair women in white and floating unexplainable figures.

This one particular incident fits one of the criterions. Happened in Marymount Road, Singapore, a man was driving along the empty road late one night and saw a figure standing dangerously in the middle of the road by itself.

Equipped with a camera which was placed on his dashboard, the video recorded clearly what made the driver’s hair stand on end: a lone male figure, dressed in white, buttoned-up shirt and what looked like shorts worn similarly by schoolboys during the by-gone eras, standing and glancing at his car as it passed by.

Only catch is: he looked almost shadowy and ‘see-through’!

While the video, submitted by Alan to citizen journalism website, gained mixed reactions as some called it fake and ‘shopped’, most netizens are convinced that it is indeed the real deal.

Singapore, despite all the bright lights and high-rise flats has a deep and dark history.

Many atrocities were committed here and the worst of the lot was World War 2 where the Japanese massacred and brutalized so many people. Some have been laid to rest over the years but others lay hidden in unmarked graves or buried under homes, obscured by the passages of time.

The stories of their spirits haunting the vicinity of their deaths are numerous.

So maybe, the figure in debate was a school student in the 60s, who met with an accident on that particular stretch of road that ultimately took his life, only to be clueless of his death and haunt the area ever since?

However, via a phone interview with STOMP, Alan thought the male,”Looked like he was in his twenties”.

Not only that, Alan also said that the male bystander was not the only puzzling thing he saw that night.

If you look closely at the video, you can see a female figure on the staircase just a few metres away from the road where the male form was sighted.

“The man may be doing this to get attention or to prove something,” says Alan.

Speculations aside, we’ll let you watch the video and judge it yourself:


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