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Singaporean Auntie Flies Into A Rage Over Teen’s Skimpy Clothing

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Be careful what you wear as soon as you’ve got your passports stamped in the customs, because auntie is gonna find you.

An auntie at Singaporean retail outlet Takashimaya was apparently displeased with a girl’s choice of a bareback top — and angrily confronted her.

This video uploaded by Youtube user ara jo shows the middle-aged woman ranting at the top of her voice at the shopping mall basement.

The clip was uploaded in January but is only recently starting to go viral.

The auntie can be heard yelling:

“Next time you better wear your clothes properly, I’m warning you!

“This is not proper dressing!”

The video, taken and uploaded on Youtube by the girl herself, cheekily sports the caption:

“This is what happens when you wear ZARA T-shirts in Singapore. Random crazy aunty gonna scold you. Wear carefully! So, I took a pic myself like what she wants.”

Netizens have commented that while they agree the top might be a tad revealing, the woman definitely overreacted.MYNEWSHUB/STOMP


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