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Video Of School Girl Demonstrating Sex Acts Goes Viral

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In the Internet era, it is no surprise that teenagers are becoming more and more exposed to sexual subjects and become increasingly interested in it.

While sex education in schools is a taboo matter and widely debated by NGO groups championing for better knowledge and exposure to all things sexual for the gullible kiddie-winkies out there, teenagers can get all the answers to their questions with just a few hits of the keyboard.

So it is not entirely absurd when an underage girl is caught imitating sexually-explicit moves to the camera.

A school girl was “demonstrating” sex acts while she was filmed by a friend.

In the 17-second video captured using a wobbly, low-quality phone camera, the girl was observed making lewd gestures to the camera that includes steps and “explanations” to every hand signal she makes in Bahasa Malaysia, namely raba-raba (caressing) and korek-korek (digging or penetrating).

As if that wasn’t enough, in the third step, she then turned around to mimic scratching her buttocks before pretending to masturbate in the fourth and final step.

The video has now gained momentum for its “shock value” and raunchiness, despite being considerably mild for our taste.



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