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Video Of Heartless Woman Force-Feeding A Baby Goes Viral

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Horrifying footage showing an alleged Indonesian babysitter force feeding a baby girl went viral on Facebook earlier today.

The distressing clip which is just over four minutes in duration has caused fury on the internet, with many users who watched the video labelling the woman as ‘sadistic’ and ‘not fit to be near children.’

Thought to be filmed on a mobile phone, the woman, is seen sitting on a bench, while the baby is positioned vertically on her lap, crying hysterically as she was repeatedly fed with a porridge-like substance.

The clip was believed to be recorded by a male figure, speculatively by the boyfriend of the babysitter. The woman can be heard laughing at the distraught baby while saying,“ you want (to be fed) faster?Quick”.

The blatant display of a possible abuse had pulled the heartstrings of netizens and sparked a heated debate whether the incident could be classified as child abuse or a cultural norm commonly practised in the Republic, as it was said by the crass woman:

“This is how the Indonesians normally do it.”

Following the unjust and unethical treatment received by the infant, the public is urged to circulate the video that was first uploaded by Friends Of BN Facebook fanpage, so that legal action could be taken towards the cold-blooded woman for torturing the hapless baby.MYNEWSHUB


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