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Video Of Girl Group’s Brawl With Cab Driver Becomes Viral Sensation

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A video of an altercation happening between a group of girls with a taxi driver has become the most talked-about topic of social media today.

The mini blitz was said to be caused by a minor accident which had the girls’ Myvi to be side rammed by the cab at a Petron petrol station in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam.

In the viral 1:06-minute clip, the girls can be seen throwing profanities and acting out of control to a cab driver. One girl was even recorded trying to hit the man in her raging fit.

In a patriarchal Malaysia, it is understandable for netizens to take side with the cabbie.

However, another video recording have surfaced not long after the first one gained notoriety, that could prove the girls are innocent all along.

One of the girls gave her side of the story to Oh Media’s Facebook page.








The girl claimed that the cabbie had hit their car first before the fuss soon turned bigger and uncontrollable, which led to the public to get involved.

The taxi driver then smacked one of her girlfriends and the brawl soon took a turn for the worse.

In the second video, the much-older man said he did that because he was outraged by one of the girls’ rudeness towards him.

The girls and the cab driver were soon brought to the police station to settle their fracas but soon turned ugly again when one of the girls’ father came in and punched him, leaving him with a bleeding nose.

Whomever fault it was,there are always three sides to every story: her story, his, and the truth.-MYNEWSHUB.CC



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