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Air-Conditioned Tents Now Available To Ensure Haj Pilgrims’ Comfort

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The tent city of Mina remains deserted throughout the year. It comes to life only during the five days of each Haj season.

Situated 12 kilometers outside Makkah, it was in this city that Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) spent the night before he was set to carry out an order by God to slaughter his son.

As Prophet Ibrahim prepared to slaughter Ismaeel, God instructed him to sacrifice a sheep instead. Muslims around the world slaughter sheep, cows and camels to feed the poor marking Prophet Ibrahim’s supreme sacrifice.

Mina is a small city located inside a valley. As far as the eye can see, tents cover every open space. They are neatly arranged, row after row. It is because of these ubiquitous tents that the city is referred to as the tent city.

In the last two years, the city underwent a massive change with the government investing billions of riyals into many infrastructural projects to ease the daunting and physically demanding rituals of the annual pilgrimage.

Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister for Haj Affairs, Dr Hussein Nasir Al-Sharif, said many changes had been made for this year’s haj pilgrims to ensure they would be able to perform the pilgrimage in comfort.

The government has set up an air conditioned tent in Mina to ensure that the pilgrims are in comfort, especially in the current hot weather, he said during a meeting with Tabung Haji (TH) head of Haj delegation, Datuk Syed Saleh Syed Abdul Rahman, at his office here Monday.

Syed Saleh, accompanied by his deputy, Nurrin Anuwar Shamsuddin, Deputy Head of Delegation (Medical) Dr Saiful Azlan Sharif and Operations Director (Religious Affairs) Tengku Aziz Raja Abdullah paid a courtesy call on Dr Hussein and also the advisor to the Haj Affairs Minister, Hatem Al-Qadhi.

Dr Hussein said they had been directed by the Minister of Haj Affairs, ?Dr Bandar ibn Muhammad Hajjar, “to give a good and quality service to the haj pilgrims”.

He hoped the pilgrims would perform their haj in comfort and then fly back to their countries safely with happy feelings.-Bernama



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