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Victim In Brutal Robbery Out Of Hospital Early

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KAJANG – A brutal robbery at Syazana Amirah Asshaari’s home left her badly scarred but her family is happy that deep inside, she is still her fun-loving and kind self.

The 14-year-old was given an early discharge from Hospital Kuala Lumpur but her mother Siti Rafiah Mansor said the teenager needs to go back for regular treatment.

“She showed us she was bored and couldn’t wait to move by dangling her feet off her bed. She doesn’t like sitting idle,” Siti Rafiah said.

Her mother recalled that before the robbery, the Form Two student was a lively girl who loved to sing and was always on the move.

The SMK Bandar Seri Putra student also showed that she was still a thoughtful daughter when she gestured to ask if her mother had eaten.

“You’re asking if I’ve had lunch? I will eat later, dear,” her mother responded.

Severely injured in a robbery during which she suffered a fractured skull, Syazana underwent surgery and was warded at the hospital’s intensive care unit for more than a week before being transferred to a regular ward last Tuesday.

She is now recuperating at a relative’s home here because Siti Rafiah believes it is more conducive for her recovery.

Two weeks after the robbery, Syazana still cannot speak properly but communicates with hand signals, nods, shakes of the head – and a sweet smile.

She is also being fed with formula through a tube every four hours.

“She tries to speak but sometimes, it’s hard to understand her and she gets upset,” Siti Rafiah said.

Asked when Syazana is expected to be fully healed, Siti Rafiah said she has left that up to God.

“We don’t know when she will fully recover but she’s showing progress. She’s a strong girl and we haven’t lost hope,” Siti Rafiah said, adding that she is grateful that police have since arrested the robbery suspects.

On July 7, a robber entered Syazana’s home in Kampung Masjid in Bangi and got away with two mobile phones, a purse and some cash while his accomplice waited outside.

It is believed that the robber hit Syazana with a hammer, leaving her with a fractured skull and broken jaw.

Siti Rafiah found Syazana sprawled on a bloody mattress in one of the rooms with wounds on her head and chin.

Six people have been arrested over the case and two of them confessed to the crime. – The Star Online


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