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Vaccination Campaign At Four Locations In Serian Town This Weekend

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KUCHING – A rabies vaccination campaign for pet dogs, will be held at four locations in Serian town this Saturday and Sunday, to encourage pet owners to get their dogs vaccinated in an effort to curb the spread of rabies outbreak In the area.

The vaccination campaign to be held at Babuk Gawing Hall, Serian Community Hall, Serian Veterinary Office and Serian District Council would run from 10 am to 4 pm, according to Sarawak Disaster Management Committee secretariat  today.

As such all dog owners in Serian town especially those living in nearby housing areas and villages, are required to bring along their dogs for the vaccination conducted by the Sarawak Veterinary Services Department (JPVS) and Sarawak Veterinary Association.

Since the vaccination campaigns  were launched in Serian  weeks after the rabies virus was detected, three children had died of the disease while another is still in critical condition at the Sarawak General Hospital.

“Cumulatively, between April 1 and now, we have managed to detect 263 cases of dog bites within 10 km of the epidemic area in ​​Serian,” the statement said.

“Fifty-two  of the 263 bite cases are new cases which happened from July 2 until recently, and 197 of the cases have been vaccinated. The health team is in the midst of tracking those who have not come forward for the vaccines at Serian Hospital,” said the statement.

In view of the new cases, the secretariat has urged the public in Serian not to let their pets roam freely.

According to the statement, JPVS had so far vaccinated 2,801 pets comprising 687 dogs and 2,091 cats and other animals while 64 rabies awareness campaigns have been organised at the affected areas.

In addition, the vaccination teams today visited Kampung Tangga, Kampung Ranchan, Kampung Koran, Kampung Mentung Berawan/Silaga, Kampung Sumpas and Kampung Engkabang.

Meanwhile JPVS has urged everyone especially residents in the affected areas to contact the Operation Room at 082-621949/611607 to report if they notice their pets, especially dogs and cats, behaving strangely.  – BERNAMA


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