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UPSR Candidates Record Good Achievement

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PUTRAJAYA – The maiden Primary School Assessment Report (PPSR) on the evaluation of pupil outcomes in four areas shows that the overall achievement of Year Six students in 2017 was good, but with room for improvement.

Director-General of Education Datuk Dr Amin Senin, who presented the report today, said the report provided a profile of the pupils who would be the nation’s human capital of the future.

The PPSR covers the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) or Primary School Assessment Test; classroom evaluation; physical activity, sports and co-curricular assessment; and psychometric assessment.

“Our objective was to look at the uniqueness of each pupil and expand their potential based on their reports. Generally, we are satisfied even though there is room for improvement,” he said at a press conference on the PPSR 2017 here today.

On the UPSR results, he said a total of 8,958 candidates or 2.1 per cent of the total 443,794 obtained all As, an increase from the 4,896 in 2016. – BERNAMA


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