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Untrue That 1 In 4 People In Terengganu Suffer Mental Illness

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KUALA TERENGGANU – The news which has gone viral that one in every four persons
in Terengganu is suffering from mental illness is not true, said Menteri Besar
Ahmad Razif Abd Rahman. 

He said the figures were actually referring to mental health issues such as
depression and stress.

“They are two different things with mental health meaning madness and the
patients need to take their medications while mental health issues are common
among many people.

“So this does not mean that every fourth person must be given medication as
madness is not like that, it is not logical…this is my field, psychology, I
was shocked to hear it. If it is true, then I should open a clinic because I
have the licence,” he said jokingly.

He was commenting on a news report which quoted a statement made by the
Chairman of the State Health, Women, Family and Community Development, Roslee
Daud recently.

Ahmad Razif who holds a Masters in Science (Counselling) degree from
Universiti Putra Malaysia said mental health issues such as depression and
stress resulted from things like cost of living and increase in price of goods.


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