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UN To Launch US$705 Million Aid Plan For Palestine

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RAMALLAH – The United Nations will launch a humanitarian plan worth US$705 million in Palestine this year , Xinhua news agency reported.

James Rawley, chief of UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Palestinian territory, said in Ramallah that 80 percent of the plan will be devoted to the Gaza Strip.

“Reconstruction in the Gaza Strip is unfortunately going opposite to what had been planned before due to the lack of donations pledged by donors to aid Palestinians,” he said.

The UN official warned that without enough funding for the plan, around 1.6 million Palestinians will be deprived of humanitarian aid such as food, water and electricity supply.

“If the plan is not implemented, this would negatively influence their life and ability of gaining education and medical service in addition to having 22,000 displaced families,” he said.

The senior UN official called for the immediate lifting of the Israeli blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip for almost eight years.

He called for reopening the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt as well as free movement of trade between Gaza and the West Bank. – Bernama


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