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UMNO Members Must Have Winning Mentality In Facing GE14

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KUALA LUMPUR – The UMNO General Assembly 2016 which starts this Tuesday should be an avenue for drawing up strategies and building a winning mentality in facing the 14th general election.

Party information chief, Tan Sri Annuar Musa said the annual assembly this time should lean towards the coming general election as UMNO needed to draw up such strategies to garner public support and to obtain a bigger mandate.

“We must develop a winning mentality and this is very important. Why when people go to war, they carry the battle flags and do the battle cry? Because these are the symbols of going to war,” he told Bernama.

Annuar, who is also an UMNO Supreme Council member, said the party’s general assembly should be able to demonstrate solidarity, love for the party and unified thinking between the top leadership and party members.

“This closing of ranks should not only be limited to UMNO but also exist in the context of Barisan Nasional, because the theme colour at this year’s UMNO General Assembly is blue, although red is the colour of our official attire. It gives a signal that we are part of a much bigger family,” he said.

Annuar said the delegates too should use the upcoming general assembly to offer the best strategies in facing the coming general election.

“The strategies should not just come from the top, but also from the polling district centres and party divisions and branches. UMNO is a grassroots party, so all of them must wake up. It cannot be business as usual,” he added. – BERNAMA

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