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UMNO May Remain In Power In Whatever Means After GE14

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OUTSPOKEN: Umno Baru may remain in power by default. Although the leader is facing a number of scandals, the party still remains intact. Money is the binding force for the party. As long as it controls unlimited funding sources, it will be able to get the full support of members.

It has now dismissed its other ethnic based partners as being irrelevant. It only depends on the support of its allies in Sabah and Sarawak. With the support from these two territories Umno Baru hopes to retain power.

But its position is not that solid as the majority of the people are already wise to the misdeeds of the party in the years that it had been in power.

The Opposition has to buck up and be mature in its approach to forming a formidable alliance in readiness to take over power. It has to stop all the infantile bickering within its coalition. The partners have to prove that they are capable of being the alternative government.

It is not possible to cater to every opposition element in the country in forming this alternative coalition. Let PAS act alone in its struggle and in its political strategies. It has now formed a working arrangement with Perkasa. This shows that it is not strong enough to be on its own. It needs an extremist group like Perkasa to form a coalition force.

PAS is behaving like a panicky drowning man grabbing at any rubbish to stay afloat.

PKR therefore has to remember that in such a frightened situation the Islamic party may pull PKR down with it.

PKR demonstrated that it was the weakest link in the Paktan Rakyat alliance. It reeked of weak leadership that tried to prove that it was able to lead the team. The new team needs a new leadership that is more firm and dedicated in its goals to replace the current decadent government.

Amanah and DAP can form the nucleus of this new alliance. Let the others who have the same goals join later.

This nucleus must bring out an attractive platform that will attract all those interested in change. DAP must prove that it is multi-ethnic and that it can modernise Penang to make it the first state to achieve developed status. It can do this if it is able to focus on economic and social development and not being distracted by political and ethnic issues purposely posed by Umno Baru.

It must avoid being trapped by Umno Baru as the only strength it has is to destroy the integrity of its opponents, especially DAP. It knows that it cannot stand against the DAP in the coming elections as it is already bankrupt of economic and social agendas.

The only weapon is to weaken and destroy the enemy through all means. DAP has to be very aware and be on guard against its opponents’ trickeries.

PKR, with all the internal problems that it has, will not be able to sustain the support of the people. Without Anwar at the helm, it proves to be rudderless.

It is also panicky in its strategies by trying to please and accommodate all, especially PAS, which has shown reluctance in accommodating differences of opinions and approach. It has become simply racist and extreme in its religious zeal to create an Islamic state based on hudud.

PAS exists within its political dreams, thus not wanting to face reality. It refuses to acknowledge that Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious in character and content.

It is living in the past and dreaming of an impossible future. Its lack of desire to face reality and change will cause it to face its political doom.

PKR voters may feel disappointed with the way the party is governing Selangor. It seems to always fall into the traps set up by Umno Baru. It is easily distracted from pursuing the goals as set out by Pakatan Rakyat. It has a leadership problem.

If PKR voters stay away in the coming elections due to disappointment with the PKR-led Selangor state government then the future positive prospect of the new Pakatan will be completely jeopardised.

PKR must show its maturity in the coming months to bring back voter confidence in its ability to be a national alternative.

Umno Baru’s chances of retaining power look set to be through default and the new Pakatan Amanah must not give them that opportunity. –Text: Ahmad Mustapha Hassan/The Ant Daily


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