UMNO Leaders Must Have Clear Strategies To WIn Over People

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KUALA BRANG – Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak said today UMNO leaders must adopt clear strategies and objectives for the people to continue to give their undivided support to the party’s struggle.

Salleh, who is also UMNO treasurer, said it was important to take care of the people’s feelings and ensure their economic well-being.

“We have to take care of their feelings. We cannot be arrogant, show off and be stingy about spending money on the people.

“When we become leaders, we must not be arrogant and ignore their requests. Do not ignore their ‘WhatsApp’ messages or telephone calls. Also, do not be a show-off. For instance, before becoming a leader, you only lived in a small house, but after becoming a leader, you build a huge one.

“Do not be stingy when it comes to helping the people. If you have RM1,500, spend RM1,000 and keep only RM500 for yourself. That should be the way. The people will not be angry if these small things are resolved by the leaders,” he said.

Salleh was opening the delegates meetings of the Hulu Terengganu UMNO Division youth, wanita and puteri wings here today.

Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister and Terengganu Umno Liaison Committee deputy chairman Datuk Jailani Johari was among the 1,800 Hulu Terengganu UMNO representatives present.

Salleh also said that to win over the hearts and minds of the people, the government and leaders must create economic opportunities and jobs.

This was to ensure that the people continued to live a comfortable life, he added.

“Only when the people enjoy economic well-being can we leaders talk about their political future. Once all these have been resolved, it will not be a problem for the people to support us,” he said.

Salleh also advised UMNO members to work together as a team to consolidate the party and ensure its success in the next general election.

“All of us play an important role. We are like a football team. To win, we must move as one although our duties and roles may differ.

“If we have been assigned to be the goalkeeper, we should not act as a striker. This will create problems for the team. If there are members who are like this, we have to drop them because they will create problems and we can fail,” he said. – BERNAMA