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Ulamaks Checkmate DAP, DAP Has To Decide

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KUALA LUMPUR: The just concluded PAS muktamar has the DAP in a fix on whether to stay in or move out of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) as that is the only two options left since PAS adopted the ulamak wing’s resolution to cut ties.

The Islamist party decided to adopt the resolution without debate given the high emotions of delegates against the Chinese-basef party leaders who had run-down the Islamist party chief Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang since early last year.

A senior party leader said the leadership did not want delegates to waste time in hitting back and running down DAP which would also involved several of PAS leaders who were dancing to DAP’s music.

He added that the poll results showed the anger of delegates against those singing DAP’s song wanting to unseat Hadi and if debate on the issue was to take place, there qould be no room for talks anymore.

The party poll results saw a purge of liberals who had wanted Hadi replaced with someone who would go along or play second fiddle to dominant DAP in the pact which would see the Islamist party’s goals taking a back seat.

Trying hard to stay focus on the party’s agenda, the ulamaks are now directly telling DAP that it is staying in the pact and stay out of the party affair.

It is sticking to the joint policy of the pact that every party is free to pursue its goals while at the same time continue to fight on the pact’s common platform.

The DAP seems to want to play a dominant role where it wanted to impose its policies, forgetting the very important base PAS was set up and thrives on all this while.

Now for the DAP, stay in PR means the Chinese-based party cannot make plans to further the cause of the pact and moving out means it is alone which may affect yhe party’s position in Penang and all over thw country.

The party may not have a smooth sail in the next general election as half of the seats – parliament and states – needed the support of the Malays and Indian voters.

It can look to winning the present Chinese majority seats but the numbers are not enough to win even a state.

PAS syura council, the highest policy making body has yet to decide on the matter but DAP has again pre-empt it by telling PAS leaders holding official government posts in Penang.

For PAS, it is now waiting for DAP’s secretary-general Lim Guan Eng’s next move as it was DAP that had move to cut ties in Sabah and Sarawak and it was Lim who had said PAS needed a new leader who could work with leaders in PR.

If DAP leaves the pact, the party is expected to lose a lot politically because PKR may play a more important role in strenghtening the pact for Chinese and Indian votes.

In short, despite the talks that ulamaks in PAS are only good in religious knowledge, they are now able to check mate DAP particularly Lim in his own game.

The bottomline is Lim has now to make amends by apologising to Hadi or take the party out of PR.


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