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Ulama Council Has To Review Cooperation With Pakatan

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KULAIJAYA – A PAS spiritual leader has urged the  Ulama Council to review the party’s political cooperation with the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) pact, especially in facing the current political situation.

Datuk Dr Haron Din, PAS’ deputy spiritual leader, said this was necessary in view of the challenging political situation that had given rise to slander and undermined the confidence and relations with the party’s PR partners.

In his address opening the 53rd annual assembly of the PAS Ulama Council here today, Haron said the ‘tahaluf siyasi’ (political cooperation) had to be safeguarded in the interests of Islam and the party and not for individual interests.

“The ‘tahaluf’ takes place upon the advice of the ulama … it is allowed because rules and conditions are met. So long as these rules and conditions are met, the ulama form the shield. Defend the ‘tahaluf’ for the sake of Islam and Muslims, not for the interests of individuals.

“If the ‘tahaluf’ is tainted, the conditions violated, the rules broken, it is fitting that the ulama reconsider if it should be continued.

“(If) the conditions have been violated, it is the ulama’s responsibility to correct the situation … I ask that it be looked at again,” he said.

Calling on PAS members to return to the party’s original struggle, Haron said they must rally behind the leadership of the ulama, resolve current issues, have faith in God and not focus on worldly matters. – BERNAMA


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